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Outpatient therapy center

St. Anthony Hospital's Outpatient Therapy Center offers the expertise of physical, occupational and speech therapists and a certified athletic trainer. The center's staff, coupled with the support of St. Anthony Hospital, provides professional, compassionate therapy solutions you can trust.

The center is a comprehensive, custom facility that will help you become and stay active. From sports or work injuries to arthritis pain, the center can treat you to better health.

We offer:

  • Physical therapy, which works with you to address neck, back, shoulder and leg pain along with balance and gait impairments.
  • Occupational therapy, which focuses on treatment of shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand dysfunction. It also includes splinting for the arm.
  • Speech therapy, which treats cognitive and language disorders as well as swallowing and speech difficulties.

Depending on what is needed, treatment options may also include manual therapy, hydrotherapy, therapeutic exercise and other modalities.

  • Manual therapy, which consists of a variety of hands-on techniques to address bone and muscle pain and dysfunction.
  • Hydrotherapy, which includes whirlpool treatments for wound care and a heated pool for treating arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain and general orthopedic conditions.
  • Therapeutic exercise, including programs customized for each patient using our state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment.
  • Modalities, which include therapy such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound used to re-educate muscles and decrease inflammation and pain, as well as anodyne therapy used to decrease burning and numbness in hands and feet and other generalized pain.

The center is able to provide custom therapy programs for patients with a variety of needs.

Round-Up Athletic Club

St. Anthony Hospital acquired the Round-Up Athletic Club (RAC) in 1993. The Outpatient Therapy Center and the RAC work very closely together to offer the best physical therapy available. The RAC sees 10 to 12 hip replacement patients per month. It is also putting together a pre-joint replacement conditioning program that patients go through 60 to 90 days before surgery. The 55,000-square-foot, full-service facility houses both the RAC and outpatient physical therapy.

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Outpatient Therapy Center
Director: John Airoldi