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Diagnostic imaging

Clear, crisp images can help your doctor to identify your health concern and create a robust treatment plan. That's why St. Anthony Hospital offers so many diagnostic imaging solutions. With our help, you won't have to travel for miles and miles to get the test results your doctor is looking for. You can get those tests here with our qualified, capable staff. These are a few of the tests we offer in our Pendleton hospital.

PET/CT scan

St. Anthony Hospital remains in the forefront of technology by featuring PET/CT scans in our imaging department. These tests combine two different types of diagnostic imaging: PET scans and CT scans. The data from both tests is superimposed on one image.

By combining these two technologies, physicians can more accurately diagnose and identify heart disease and brain disorders. PET/CT can also help in the fight against cancer, as these scans can help to spot new tumors or the recurrence of old tumors. Scans can also help your doctor to differentiate inflammation caused by cancer from swelling caused by an infection.

PET/CT scan hours: Every other Wednesday.

80–slice CT scan

St. Anthony Hospital now features one of the latest cutting-edge diagnostic tools, the 80-slice CT scanner. We're the only facility in the area that has this technology.

Our scanner is twice as fast as conventional multi-slice CT scanners—a full body scan takes about 10 seconds. The tests offer higher resolution with less radiation exposure. This scanner leaves the hospital's old four-slice CT scanner in the dust.

Digital mammography

Mammograms can help doctors spot cancerous breast changes when they're small and easier to treat. The digital mammography machines we use at St. Anthony Hospital are remarkably sensitive, capable of capturing changes in even dense breast tissue. Our mammography technicians are adept at using these machines, and they work hard to keep screenings quick, comfortable and accurate. And since the mammogram images are captured in a digital format, they're easy to share with your doctor, your oncologist and the other members of your healthcare team.

Other diagnostic imaging options

St. Anthony Hospital has many other imaging tools that could help you, and your doctor, understand your illness and what you'll need to do to get better. In addition to the options outlined above, we also offer:

  • DEXA. This bone density scan can be used to measure bone loss caused by osteoporosis.
  • Digital x-ray. These machines create images that are brighter than those created by a traditional x-ray machine, without boosting your exposure to radiation.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). An MRI produces a three-dimensional image of your body. Our machines are fast, and our technicians offer noise-cancelling headphones and medication support to keep you comfortable during the test.
  • Nuclear medicine. This test involves a tiny bit of radioactive material traveling through your body while being tracked by a machine. The images produced are hard to get in any other way, and our team is skilled in keeping you comfortable as the test progresses.
  • Ultrasound. During an ultrasound, a technician uses sound waves to produce pictures of the inside of the body. Our machines are very sensitive, and our ultrasound technicians have years of training in performing these tests.

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