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Diabetes education

When you have diabetes, there's a lot your doctor can do to help. But you're responsible for a lot of the heavy lifting. In fact, the work you do has a huge impact on your ability to keep diabetes symptoms from taking over your life.

The diabetes services team at St. Anthony Hospital can help. We offer individual support, group classes, individualized monitoring and more to help you both understand and control your diabetes.

Our diabetes education program is appropriate for you, whether you've been recently diagnosed with diabetes or you've had diabetes for many years. We can even help with prediabetes issues. With our help, you can create a personalized plan, so you can successfully manage your diabetes and the problems it can cause.

Monitoring diabetes symptoms

Monitoring blood sugar levels is a common part of a diabetes treatment plan. We can provide blood glucose meter instruction, so you'll know how your tools work. We can also help you understand how to administer your insulin, if your doctor thinks that's the right approach for you.

We'll do this work in individual appointments, so you'll have time to ask questions and work one-on-one with someone who can help.

Creating a diabetes diet and exercise plan

Medications aren't the only tools you can use to prevent hypoglycemia and gain control over your blood sugar levels. Following a diabetes diet can help. If you need to lose or gain weight, we can offer calorie and protein recommendations. We can also help you understand how to:

  • Follow a heart-healthy diet.
  • Use diet to soothe gastrointestinal issues such as diverticulitis, celiac disease and gastroparesis.
  • Eat right while using Coumadin (warfarin).
  • Plan your meals so you're eating healthy, even when on the go.

Our team can also perform a gastric lap banding assessment, should your weight-loss needs be hard to accommodate with diet alone.

We can also help you to pull together a diabetes exercise plan. We'll show you how to incorporate exercise into your everyday life and how to do your workouts safely.

Group diabetes education and support

We offer day and evening group education classes too. Here you can learn more about healthy eating, being active, taking medication, monitoring blood sugar, solving problems, coping with stress and more. Visit our schedule page to see when these classes are available.

If you'd like to learn from others who are also living with diabetes, come to a support group meeting. Visit our schedule page to see when those meetings are held.

Your diabetes education team

Your diabetes educators at St. Anthony Hospital are registered dietitians and certified diabetes educators. They are well-equipped to help you understand your disease, your diabetes diet needs and more. They're also skilled listeners and great educators. You'll find them easy to work with.

Call today to schedule an appointment or find out more. A referral from your primary care provider is required for services. We can contact your provider for you.

To help expedite your first appointment, we've pulled together paperwork we'd like for you to read and fill out before you arrive:

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Diabetes services
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