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Hospitalists come to St. Anthony's

Hospitalists come to St. Anthony's

Monday, June 4, 2007

Hospital news

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What is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a physician who specializes in the care of hospitalized patients and whose practice is in the hospital not in an office.

What is the role of a hospitalist during my stay?

The hospitalist's job is to help you return home as quickly and as healthy as possible. Hospitalists design an individualized treatment plan for each patient and work with nurses and other health care professionals to provide this personal attention.

How does the hospitalist work with my physician?

From admission to discharge, our hospitalists communicate with your physician. At discharge, the hospital team sends important medical information about the hospitalization and discharge plan to the patient's primary care physician.

What are the benefits of having a hospitalist?

Whether a patient has a question or needs urgent medical attention, a hospitalist is available at any time to meet those needs. Because these physicians don't have office hours, they are devoted to the care of hospitalized patients which means they are always available for personal discussions with patients and their families.