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Sláinte! Celebrate St. Paddy's with a green feast

It's the perfect time to add healthy green veggies to your diet

Published: 03/17/2018

Seniors: A DASH-style diet may head off depression

The typical American diet, with lots of red meat and saturated fat, may actually raise depression risk.

Published: 03/16/2018

Now there's a blood test for concussions

Save money and headaches by avoiding brain scans you don't need. Learn how this blood test can diagnose head injuries, and take a quiz about your brain.

Published: 03/15/2018

Stay active as you age for a healthier brain

A new study finds more gray matter in the brains of active seniors, possibly making them less susceptible to dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Read our tips for how to stay active as you age.

Published: 03/14/2018

Cardiac arrest: Fast action saves lives

As many as 3,459 lives could be saved each year with public defibrillators, bystanders and initiative. Are you ready?

Published: 03/13/2018

Are bed bugs' feces worse than their bites?

A study suggests that bed bug-infested homes may contain high levels of a compound called histamine, which in some people may trigger health problems.

Published: 03/12/2018

Q&A: Multiple sclerosis

As many as 350,000 Americans have multiple sclerosis. Find answers to these 5 common questions.

Published: 03/11/2018

Bug bombs: They're also hurting humans

Despite stepped-up warning labels, the number of people getting sick from bug bombs hasn't budged.

Published: 03/10/2018

Toddler drinks not good for toddlers, says study

The labels on toddler drinks are inaccurate and misleading. Should FDA step in?

Published: 03/09/2018

9 reasons to get a flu shot now

The vaccine will prevent thousands of flu hospitalizations and deaths.

Published: 03/07/2018

Only about 1 in 3 people newly diagnosed seek timely treatment for depression

Even though depression is treatable, most people who are diagnosed with it don't start therapy right away, a new study suggests.

Published: 03/06/2018

Are you ready to spring forward?

Switching to daylight saving time can be hard to do if you're already losing sleep. Hit the pillow at a reasonable hour.

Published: 03/05/2018

Colorectal cancer: Numbers to know

Screening tests can remove growths before they have a chance to turn into cancer.

Published: 03/04/2018

Be safe, not sorry: Learn concussion signs

Brain Injury Awareness Month is a great time to find out what a concussion looks and feels like. It could save your life.

Published: 03/03/2018

The MIND diet protects the brain after a stroke

Research also shows this diet helps lower the risk for Alzheimer's disease.

Published: 03/02/2018

Fish oil supplements don't seem to prevent heart disease

Omega-3 fatty acids are often recommended to prevent heart disease. But a new study suggests the supplements don't make a significant impact.

Published: 02/28/2018

Vaping: Safer than cigarettes, but risky for kids

The nicotine intake from e-cigarettes can be similar to that of traditional cigarettes.

Published: 02/27/2018

'Pro-inflammatory' diets linked to colorectal cancer

A new study shows a link between colorectal cancer and inflammatory foods (including red and processed meats).

Published: 02/26/2018

Orthorexia: When healthy eating goes too far

People with this eating disorder fear foods they don't consider pure enough.

Published: 02/25/2018

Feeling fluish? Don't go to the office

If you think your coworkers will admire your work ethic, think again. They'd likely prefer you keep your germs to yourself.

Published: 02/24/2018

Standing several hours a day can help drop weight

Standing up burns more calories than sitting—enough that you may notice.

Published: 02/23/2018

A newer, better shingles vaccine

Shingrix is recommended as the preferred shingles vaccine for adults age 50 and older.

Published: 02/22/2018

Why is melanoma on the rise in people middle-aged and older?

While young adults are getting melanoma at a slower rate, this deadly skin cancer is on the rise in other groups. Here's why.

Published: 02/21/2018

Heart attack more likely during the first few days of flu

A new study shows that people who get the flu have an increased risk for heart attack, particularly in the first week of the flu.

Published: 02/20/2018

Breast cancer treatments may harm women's hearts

A new study shows that breast cancer treatment carries heart risks. Fortunately, there are things women can do to minimize these risks while still getting the care they need.

Published: 02/19/2018