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Campaign volunteers

A diverse group of community leaders serves on our campaign committee. These dedicated individuals have offered their time and expertise to our campaign for the new St. Anthony Hospital.

  • Steve Corey
    Steve Corey
    Campaign Co-Chairman
  • Susan Corey
    Susan Corey
    Campaign Co-Chairman
  • Donald Benschoter
    Donald Benschoter, DMD
    Medical Staff Gifts Co-Chairman
  • Michael Brunsman
    Michael Brunsman, MD
    Medical Staff Gifts Co-Chairman
  • Tim O'Hanlon
    Tim O'Hanlon
    Leadership Gifts Chairman
  • Dan Ceniga
    Dan Ceniga
    Major Gifts Chairman
  • Hap Cooley
    Hap Cooley
    Major Gifts Vice Chairman
  • Maryl Featherstone
    Maryl Featherstone
    Corporate Gifts Chairwoman
  • Chris Cockburn
    Chris Cockburn
    Corporate Gifts Vice Chairman
  • Jo Young
    Jo Young
    Employee Gifts Chairwoman
  • Leslie Carnes
    Leslie Carnes
  • Shari Dallas
    Shari Dallas
  • John Johnson
    John Johnson
  • Polly Johnson
    Polly Johnson
  • Alan Kendrick
    Alan Kendrick
  • Virginia Lindberg
    Virginia Lindberg
  • Mark Mascall
    Mark Mascall
  • Karen McAnally
    Karen McAnally
  • Scott Palmer
    Scott Palmer
  • Rod Parker
    Rod Parker
  • Erika Patton
    Erika Patton
  • Rudy Rada
    Rudy Rada
  • MaryAlice Ridgeway
    MaryAlice Ridgway
  • Marianne Sadee
    Marianne Sadee
  • J.J. Spriet
    J.J. Spriet