Sexual Assault Awareness

image of emergency department staff wearing teal colored sexual assault awareness t shirts

Sexual Assault Response Team

The team at St. Anthony Hospital is dedicated to supporting victims of sexual assault, and have made the pledge to Start By Believing.  You can learn more about the program by visiting (link to external website)

inforgraphic: 3 Simple responses to a disclosure of sexual violence 1: I believe you, 2: I'm sorry this happened, 3: I am here for you
infographic: Less than half (27-40%) of sexual assault victims seek medical care.  Friends and family play a critical role in determining whether victims will access services
infographic: Few sexual assault victims (5-20%) report to law enforcement.  Friends and family play a critical role in determining whether victims will report or access services.
infographic: Research estimates that women who have been sexually assaulted before their 18th birthday are twice as likely to be sexually assaulted again.
infographic: Sexual assault victims describe positive responses as being listened to, being provided with emotional support, not being blamed, being encouraged to talk about the sexual assault, and having a support provider who is not distracted with other things.
infographic: statistics show that rapists don't just attach once - many re-offent, often multiple times.  It's a frightening equation: one failed response can mean additional victims.  Start by believing is designed to change this.
infographic: Of 100 rapes committed, an estimated 5-20 are reported to the police, 0.4-5.4 are prosecuted, 0.2-5.2 result in a conviction, and 0.2-2.8 in incarceration.
infographic: Research studies estimate that just 2-8% of sexual assault reports are false
infographic - photo of a medical provider with a stethoscope and the caption: When a patient tells me their stomach hurts, I begin from that assumption - while remaining open to alternative possibilities.  Similarly, when a patient says they were sexually assaulted, I begin from that starting point.