St. Anthony Hospital view of large stair case, sitting area and elevator with modern decor

Giving today for a healthier tomorrow

Donor Recognition

St. Anthony Hospital has thrived throughout the years because of the generous support it has received from donors in the community. The very first gift received by St. Anthony Hospital came in 1901 from Dr. F.W. Vincent. That donation, received by Mother Stanislaus of the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, launched the fundraising campaign that resulted in the construction of the original St. Anthony Hospital the following year.

Over the years, financial contributions from the community have been instrumental in helping the hospital respond to the growing healthcare needs of Pendleton and Umatilla County. We owe a debt of gratitude to those Franciscan sisters who traveled to rural Oregon to build a hospital that has well served this region for so long.

We are grateful to our many campaign donors. Thank you to the following individuals, businesses and organizations that have given to the "Building a Healthy Tomorrow" campaign for the new St. Anthony Hospital.

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The 1901 Society is the Foundation's most prestigious giving society. 1901 commemorates the year of St. Anthony Hospital's founding. Donors who have given or pledged more than $25,000 to the Foundation become members. While every gift helps foster a culture of philanthropy, we are especially grateful for the personal generosity of our 1901 Society members. Through their generosity, they have made a profound, lasting difference for St. Anthony Hospital, the Foundation and our community.

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The Foundation is pleased to honor this new generation of community philanthropists. Donors who have given or pledged more than $10,000 to St. Anthony Hospital Foundation are invited to become members of the Founders Society. At the turn of the last century, hundreds of people in Pendleton and Umatilla County helped make the first St. Anthony Hospital a reality. Through their personal generosity, the founders of St. Anthony Hospital established a legacy of giving and caring that has been carried forward by our Founders Society members.

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The Franciscan Society was established as a way to honor and recognize our current donors whose cumulative giving to St. Anthony Hospital Foundation is $1,000 or more. Through their generosity, the individuals who make up the Franciscan Society have demonstrated a spirit of giving and dedication to support and serve others. In the tradition of St. Francis, the tau cross has been adopted as the symbol of the Franciscan Society of St. Anthony Hospital Foundation.

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The tau cross has been a revered symbol for Christians for 2,000 years. The tau cross is the simplest of all crosses. St. Francis of Assisi chose the tau cross as his standard. He used the cross in his writings, painted it on the walls and doors where he stayed, and even used it as his signature.

For St. Francis, the tau cross was a reminder of his commitment to serve others. 

Partners in Health includes those generous businesses, corporations, organizations, foundations and trusts that choose to support the Foundation through a pledge or gift of $10,000 or more. The support we receive from our Partners in Health plays a crucial role in the ongoing success of the Foundation.

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Our St. Anthony Hospital family has a rich tradition of taking care of our community and of offering hope and support for those in need. In keeping with this tradition, many of our employees have chosen to make their own charitable gifts to the Foundation, thus becoming Promise Partners.

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