Three older women sitting on patio chairs outside around an electric fireplace at St. Anthony Hospital.

Making a positive difference every day

Volunteer Opportunities

St. Anthony Hospital volunteers have the unique opportunity to make a positive difference in peoples' lives every day that they generously donate their time and talents.

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends and develop new interests. When you join the St. Anthony Hospital family, you will experience the personal fulfillment and rewards that only come from helping others.

At St. Anthony Hospital, you can volunteer as little as an hour a week or as often as you'd like. Your service is greatly appreciated, so we are thankful for any time you offer. We attempt to find just the right fit for your talents and skills and our hospital needs.

Frequent volunteer opportunities include:

  • Customer service/cashier in the gift shop, Inspirations.
  • Customer service at the information desk.
  • Patient services.
  • Event committees for the St. Anthony Hospital Foundation.
  • St. Anthony Shawl Ministry.
  • Sewing stuffed animals for pediatric patients and passing quilts for those who are dying.