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Having a baby is a miracle, and St. Anthony Hospital's nurses and staff in the Family Birth Center make it all the better with their love, care and concern. The Family Birth Center offers a caring, compassionate, family-oriented birth center in a safe and secure atmosphere.

In recent letters to St. Anthony Hospital, parents said:

"Not only did we, as laboring women, feel attended to, but also our spouses and family likewise felt the compassion and care that the nurses provide. You can tell that they really love their job. We both felt as if we were the only patient in the department."
—Jennifer Sprenger and Ann Preuit, Long Creek, OR.

"This week I witnessed things that you don't hear about often enough—blatant caring, tremendous service, competence and professionalism. These acts were witnessed by my wife and I a multitude of times at St. Anthony Hospital this week. Dr. Markham and her staff of nurses—specifically, Shandi, Liz and Rosemary—were absolutely wonderful in caring for our daughter and granddaughter. If this kind of care continues, people will have to take notice: I mean, come on, is this out of the ordinary?"
—Cy and Sara Haskett, Echo, OR.

If you would like a tour or information on birthing classes or you have any questions or concerns, please call the St. Anthony Hospital Family Birth Center at the number below.

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